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简短稿:“龙”的英文不应该翻译成 Dragon
  在外国政治漫画和其它视觉形象中,龙常常被用来象征中国,但很多龙的形象实际上是 Dragon 或有 Dragon 的影子。Dragon 的庞大身躯和残暴特性被用来暗示中国的强大和对别人的威胁。很多电子游戏中有 Dragon,但是编者往往把凶残的 Dragon 和中国联系在一起。(黄佶,2006年4月23日)


  在美国反战宣传片中,日本版图被画为 dragon(黄佶)

  西方漫画:Dragon 被用来比喻不愿提高利率的暴怒选民

  美国南北战争时期老漫画:Dragon 被作为分裂势力的象征

  从两部电影看西方对“龙”的误解和对 dragon 的理解(黄佶)

  西方媒介仍然在用魔兽 dragon 象征中国
  外国人眼中的 dragon 和“龙”:新发现的外国漫画

  Dragon 被用来象征破坏环境的经济发展


  西方媒介解释萨达姆儿子的凶残:他出生于中国的 Dragon Year(龙年)

  请再看龙在西方人心中的真实面目:居然把胡总书记污蔑为 dragon!
  西方政治漫画用 Dragon 代表恐怖主义
  在电影里,醒来的 dragon 及其后代被描述为未来世界的毁灭者
  政治漫画:Dragon 被用来象征贪污腐败

  西方政治漫画用 Dragon 代表德国法西斯和日本军国主义
  趣味大发现:纳粹法西斯和反法西斯同盟互称对方为 dragon

  西方政治漫画用 Dragon 代表中国
  巧合?中国被形容为 Red Dragon —— 圣经中的恶魔

  在电影里,醒来的 dragon 被描述为未来世界的毁灭者
  Dragon 象征火灾
  Dragon 象征令人讨厌的赤字
  外国漫画中的 Dragon —— 不是什么好东西

  Dragon Lady 是“凶悍的女人”,不是“小龙女”
  更多资料:Dragon Lady 是“凶悍的女人”

  西方父母这样激励孩子:Everyone has a dragon to slay

  Dragon 的“个人档案”
  在美国人眼中,Dragon 只居住于荒蛮之地


西方政治漫画用 Dragon 代表恐怖主义


  该漫画的标题是“St. George and the Dragon”(圣乔治和 Dragon)。图中的人是现任美国总统乔治·布什。他手拿的宝剑上写着“反恐战争”。他的面前是几头代表恐怖主义势力的 Dragon:已经被杀死的塔利班,奄奄一息的萨达姆(正在接受审判,可能被判处死刑),伺机挑战的伊朗和虎视耽耽的叙利亚。在他的身后,是另外一头 Dragon —— PLO(巴勒斯坦解放组织),布什对它却安抚有加,正在轻拍(pat)它的头。



  漫画的标题“St. George and the Dragon”是有双关含义的。

  St. George(Saint George,圣乔治)是西方中世纪传说中的英雄,他杀死了代表邪恶的 Dragon,解救了利比亚一个深受其害的异教小镇,并使其皈依。有大量的油画和雕塑描绘了圣乔治杀掉 Dragon 的英雄事迹。这些作品的名称一般都叫“St. George and the Dragon”。

http://www.scancoo.com/Qman_Dream Makers_Various Artists/html/image27.htm


  另一方面,美国现任总统布什的名字也是乔治(George。全名:George Herbert Walker Bush)。显然漫画作者把美国总统布什比喻成了铲除恶魔的英雄,而 Dragon 所代表的恐怖主义势力当然都是恶魔了。

  从这幅漫画我们可以看出,在西方人的文化和意识中,Dragon 是邪恶势力的代表。这一历史悠久的观念并没有因为时间的漫长而改变或淡化。(黄佶,2006年6月7日)


February 03, 2005
St. George and the Dragon

From President Bush's State of the Union address:

The beginnings of reform and democracy in the Palestinian territories are now showing the power of freedom to break old patterns of violence and failure. Tomorrow morning, Secretary of State Rice departs on a trip that will take her to Israel and the West Bank for meetings with Prime Minister Sharon and President Abbas. She will discuss with them how we and our friends can help the Palestinian people end terror and build the institutions of a peaceful, independent democratic state. To promote this democracy, I will ask Congress for $350 million to support Palestinian political, economic, and security reforms. The goal of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace is within reach -- and America will help them achieve that goal. ...

To promote peace in the broader Middle East, we must confront regimes that continue to harbor terrorists and pursue weapons of mass murder. Syria still allows its territory, and parts of Lebanon, to be used by terrorists who seek to destroy every chance of peace in the region. You have passed, and we are applying, the Syrian Accountability Act -- and we expect the Syrian government to end all support for terror and open the door to freedom.

Today, Iran remains the world's primary state sponsor of terror -- pursuing nuclear weapons while depriving its people of the freedom they seek and deserve. We are working with European allies to make clear to the Iranian regime that it must give up its uranium enrichment program and any plutonium re-processing, and end its support for terror. And to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you.

UPDATE -- February 5: This cartoon appears in the Monday Edition of Investor's Business Daily.


  图中人物为山姆大叔,代表美国。他说:“各位!这就是袭击我们的那个恐怖分子!”他身后的多头 Dragon 的身上写着“恐怖主义国家”。被砍掉脑袋的地方又长出了两个小脑袋。



  Dragon 背上的鳞片上写者“TERRORISM”(恐怖主义)。武士和他的坐骑的盾牌上画着美国的星条旗。(黄佶,2007年1月2日)

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西方政治漫画用 Dragon 代表中国


  Loong  网编者按:


  而堵住门的是一条西方人概念中的“龙”——大肚子、长尾巴、有翅膀,实际上是 Dragon,根本不是中国人心目中的龙。



Bush to China: Emulate Taiwan.(大意:布什对中国领导人说:在民主自由方面,大陆应该仿效台湾)

Piquing China just days before meetings with its leaders, President Bush on Wednesday held up the self-governing island of Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its own, as a model of freedom "at all levels" that the communist giant should emulate. ...
In remarks sure to irritate his Chinese hosts, Bush prodded the communist nation to grant basic freedoms to its 1.3 billion people and further open its economy.

"We encourage China to continue down the road of reform and openness," Bush told an audience that stayed silent until its polite applause at the end. "By meeting the legitimate demands of its citizens for freedom and openness, China's leaders can help their country grow into a modern, prosperous, and confident nation."

His challenge to Beijing immediately followed lavish praise of Taiwan.

"By embracing freedom at all levels, Taiwan has delivered prosperity to its people and created a free and democratic Chinese society," Bush said.

Pointing to Taiwan -- as well as South Korea -- Bush said political freedoms are the inevitable product of the kind of economic liberalization China has begun pursuing.

"Men and women who are allowed to control their own wealth will eventually insist on controlling their own lives and their own future," he said. "As China reforms its economy, its leaders are finding that once the door to freedom is opened even a crack, it cannot be closed." (布什说的最后一句话是:“在进行经济改革时,中国领导人发现:通向自由的门一旦被打开,即使只有一条缝隙,它也不可能被关上了。”)


Bush takes a blast from China

* Bush:美国现任总统
** blast:n. 一阵(风),一股(气流),爆炸,冲击波




Chinese Dragon Breathing Fire on Soviet Bear], August 24, 1978
Ink, tonal overlay on paper
Prints & Photographs Division (16)

Relations between the Soviet Union and China, the two great Communist superpowers, were frequently acrimonious, due to a long history of rivalry and conflict. In the 1970s, border disputes contributed to the problem. In March, 1978, the Chinese rebuffed a Soviet offer to discuss improving relations.


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巧合?中国被形容为 Red Dragon —— 圣经中的恶魔

Red Dragon Rising:
Communist China's Military Threat to America

Edward Timperlake, William C. Triplett, William Triplett Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: October 1999

America faces the new Red Scare - Red Dragon Rising

  圣经中出现的第一头 Dragon 就是红色的(fiery red dragon,新约圣经,启示录第十二章)。

  中文版新约圣经里写到:“……。她怀了孕,在生产的艰难中疼痛呼叫。天上又现出异象来:有一条大红龙(a gigantic fiery red dragon),七头十角﹔七头上戴着七个冠冕。它的尾巴拖拉着天上星辰的三分之一,摔在地上。龙(dragon)就站在那将要生产的妇人面前,等她生产之后,要吞吃她的孩子。妇人生了一个男孩子,是将来要用铁杖辖管万国的﹔她的孩子被提到上帝宝座那里去了。妇人就逃到旷野,在那里有上帝给她预备的地方,使她被养活一千二百六十天。”

描绘这一场景的绘画,左下角即为有七个脑袋的 Dragon。





  所以书名中的“Red Dragon”可能有双关的含义,一方面指中国(中华人民共和国——红色代表革命的、共产主义的;龙代表中国),另一方面暗示中国是恶魔。(黄佶,2006年6月7日)

  美国最近的一部恐怖电影名为 Red Dragon。以下是 DVD 包装盒的封面和剧照:


  片名为什么叫“Red Dragon”?请看海报上端的文字(“要知道罪恶的根源,你必须回到起点”):

  一位业余画家(根据作品的粗糙程度判断)可能是想表现得更直观,还在上面加了一头红色的 Dragon:

  影片改编自同名小说。小说《Red Dragon》的作者是美国著名惊悚小说家托马斯哈里斯。《Red Dragon》是他创作的“汉尼拔”系列小说中的首部。后两部《沉默的羔羊》和《汉尼拔》都被拍成了电影,影响都非常大。因此,电影Red Dragon虽然是《沉默的羔羊》系列恐怖电影的第三部,但是故事内容却发生《沉默的羔羊》描绘的故事之前。所以有人称其为“《沉默的羔羊》和《汉尼拔》的前传”。


下面这幅漫画中的 Red Dragon 显然是被用来代表中国的


From Economist.com: A relationship reconsidered, but the problems of North Korea and Taiwan still rankle

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Dragon 的“个人档案”


名称:Dragon  死亡年龄:不死   高度(从头到尾):五十英尺
种类:魔鬼   血型:火焰和火药  体重:九千吨
职业:撒旦(魔鬼)意志的代理者   性别:无
注释:它是亚洲现世里恐惧、痛苦和折磨之王   叫声:Kiiiiiiiii!!....Fuuuu!....Whomp!
死亡原因:无                 最喜欢的食物:云吞汤,高将军鸡,辣豆腐

Google 自动翻译的结果:


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The China Threat: How the People's Republic Targets America

书的简介(摘自 amazon.com):
The inside story on the plot of Communist China to threaten the United States with military force. Contains a significant number of government documents revealing information about the threat.



(书的封面局部 )


Beyond the Rim
We ignore China's growing military and economic power at our peril.


Monday, December 13, 2004 12:01 a.m. EST

From the beach at Santa Monica on a clear day in fall, with 3,000 miles of this country invisible at one's back, the Pacific horizon is a precisely etched line empty of event and set in alluring color. But beyond the rim lie two things now tightly interwoven: China, and the destiny of the United States.




Dragon and Eagle(中国龙嘲弄美国鹰)

Brian Lies: political or editorial illustrations for newspapers
http://www.brianlies.com/images/editorial illustrations/eagle_dragon.jpg

2005年08月02日 新华网

  新华网8月2日消息 新加坡联合早报近日发表张从兴的文章,说美国一些右翼学者把中国的崛起等同于苏联在二战后的崛起,认定“腾飞的中国龙”必定会伤害“美国鹰”的利益。文章相信,中美两国领导人,谁都不想看到过去美苏激烈对抗的局面在 21 世纪初叶重演,因此两国在一些国际问题上,比如正在北京举行的六方会谈,采取了合作而非对抗的态度;同时也在设法积极开拓双边关系,比如同样也是在北京举行的首次中美战略对话。只要中美都能设身处地地为对方想一想,就不会重蹈美苏当年的覆辙。

  随便翻阅近期的英美报刊,如《卫报》、《经济学家》、《华盛顿邮报》、《纽约时报》、《时代》、《新闻周刊》等,就会发现到 dragon(龙),Chinese dragon(中国龙),rising dragon(腾飞的龙)等,已经成了使用频率颇高的词汇。


  另一个常见的词,就是常常伴随着“中国龙”出现的“美国鹰”(American Eagle)。比如说,《卫报》的“博客”就有“(中国)龙吞噬美国鹰”这样惊人的句子——比喻的是中海油竞购尤尼科一事。甚至还有更加耸人听闻的,比如美国某个末世教会网站的预言:因为“龙”的袭击,“老鹰的羽毛被拔光了,再也飞不起来了”。



  龙  Loong  网编者按:请看下面文字的最后那句话:“and is seen as a greater threat to the stability of the MideEast than terrorists”(这被看作是对中东稳定的一大威胁,而且是比恐怖主义更大的威胁),好家伙!中国只是需要石油,就会对中东地区的稳定引发威胁,而且是比恐怖主义更大的威胁!(黄佶,2006年3月4日,6月8日)

Fueling the Dragon

* www.iags.org/china.htm

Geo-Political Analysis: China on Oil Buying Spree

If you've been paying close attention to China, you might have noticed a flurry of oil deals in 2004: Mexico, Russia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq (tenative), Kuwait, Nigeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and recently Venezuela to name a few. Basically, if they have oil in the ground, they are now shipping part of it to China. And many are worrying this may have echoing geo-political reverberations as the US becomes its biggest competitor (and is seen as a greater threat to the stability of the MideEast than terrorists).

  如果你密切关注中国的话,你可能已经注意到 2004 年的一场石油交易旋风:墨西哥,俄罗斯,苏丹,伊朗,伊拉克(初步意向),科威特,尼日利亚,叙利亚,沙特阿拉伯,加拿大,以及最近的委内瑞拉,而这还只是一部分。总之,只要这些国家地下有石油,他们就正在把其中的一部分运往中国。很多人在担忧,当美国成为中国最大的竞争者时,会引发一系列地缘政治的震荡(这被看作是对中东稳定的一大威胁,而且是比恐怖主义更大的威胁)。(翻译:黄佶,2006年6月8日)

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在美国人眼中,Dragon 只居住于荒蛮之地

(题目:美国人眼中的世界。图中南美洲和南部非洲被标记为“这里有 Dragon”,对这两片土地的注释文字是:

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* gathering informaition:收集情报
** digest it:消化掉它!



China & Capitalism (中国和资本主义)



中国的龙没有翅膀,画图者在画这两条龙时,显然脑子里只有 Dragon
——Dragon 是有着巨大的翅膀,类似蝙蝠的翅膀。


http://www.needham.k12.ma.us/t_links/Tech-Camp-02/Gauguet/web_design/Grade 2/China/china.htm

Learn about China from the second grade ABC book on China.
The students used the Kid Pix drawing and text tools to create the book.

学生用了 Kid Pix 软件来绘制这本书中的画面,并书写其中的文字。

http://www.needham.k12.ma.us/t_links/Tech-Camp-02/Gauguet/web_design/Grade 2/China/china dragon Maddie.gif





Fing Fang Foom

Class: Dragon
Occupation: None
Nationality: Chinese
Affiliations: None
Scale of Operations: Worldwide, formerly China

Fin Fang Foom is a Chinese dragon, one of the most powerful creatures on Earth, marginally magical and impressive like nothing else terrestrial.

He stands 150 feet tall and can fly at moderate speeds for his size nearly indefinately without tiring. His hide offers nearly impenetrable body armor, and he possesses vast superhuman strength. He can also produce an acid mist from its mouth without harm to itself. In addition, his tail can be used offensively.

Fin Fang Foom employs a limited form of telepathy to communicate with mortals. This communication is such that the dragon can detect lies and charm victims. Any creature foolish enough to make eye-contact with Fin Fang Foom can be charmed by the dragon, exactly as if Fin Fang Foom had hypnotized the character.

Fin Fang Foom is acutely vulnerable to certain poisonous herbs and potions. Such poisons induce sleep or paralysis, rather than death.

Fin Fang Foom is a gigantic dragon, approximately 15 stories tall whose origin is unknown but who is known to have lived in ancient China. Fin Fang Foom is a sentient being and has been depicted as capable of speech, although it is more likely that it actually communicates telepathically.

Fin Fang Foom's first recorded appearance in modern times took place nearly 30 years ago. Chan Liu-chow, the son of a Chinese father and an American mother, was a student of ancient Chinese history and legends living on the island of Taiwan. Taiwan, also known as Formosa, was the last major outpost of the Chinese Nationalist government, which had been overthrown on mainland China in its Communist Revolution. Chan's father was fervidly opposed to Communism and was angered by his son's refusal to join the Chinese Nationalist Army which he hoped would oppose the mainland government.

Chan, however, secretly had his own plan for battling the Chinese Communists, who were then preparing an invasion force to conquer Taiwan. He had read the legends of Fin Fang Foom and believed that the monster was real. Chan went to mainland China in a small sailboat and made his way to a crypt guarded by a primitive tribe who were unaware that it was the entryway to a tunnel leading to the dragon's lair. Chan entered the crypt and found a tunnel that lead under the Great Wall of China to the enormous cavern in which Fin Fang Foom slept. Apparently, the dragon had been sleeping there for centuries, presumably having been cast into unending sleep by a certain herb. Having read about them in an ancient manuscript, Chan had brought samples of both this herb and another which, when brushed against the dragon's lips, could awaken the creature.

Chan used the herb to wake Fin Fang Foom but then announced his intention to put him to sleep again. Enraged, the dragon pursued Chan, who fled on horseback, leading the monster to the coast, where the Communist invasion force was massed. Fin Fang Foom wreaked havoc, destroying the invasion force in his furious effort to find and kill Chan. His mission thus accomplished, Chan returned to the crypt with Fin Fang Foom close behind. Back within the dragon's lair, Chan managed to brush the dragon's lips with the herb that cast him again into a deep slumber. Chan returned to Taiwan and eventually emigrated to the United States.

Years later, Fin Fang Foom awoke once more, and aided the monstrous It, the Living Colossus in defeating the invasion force of the alien Stonians, also known as the Gargoyles of Stonus V. Having driven off the aliens, Fin Fang Foom returned to his lair in China.

Note: At this point, Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent of Norse mythology, assumed the guise of Fin Fang Foom for an encounter with a number of Frost Giants and the Asgardian god Thor.

However, the real Fin Fang Foom is a separate entity from the Midgard Serpent.

More recently, Fin Fang Foom was awakened by the villain Mandarin so that he would be used as the Mandarin's pawn. The Mandarin was opposed by the hero Iron Man, who defeated Fin Fang Foom by linking his armor's systems with the Mandarin's power rings, effectively atomizing the dragon. Iron Man believed the creature dead, but he somehow survived and regenerated. He later made his way to the United States, where he was opposed by the adventurers known as the Legion of Night, including Chan Liu-Chow.

Somehow, Fin Fang Foom had become tied to a small jade statue of a dragon, which ended up in an Asian curio shop in Seattle, Washington. At the pawn shop was Billy Yuan, and Fin Fang Foom sensed his desire to help his comatose sister and used this to prompt Yuan into stealing the statue. The statue wrapped itself around Yuan's arm, merging the dragon's essence with the man and turning Yuan into a hulking man-dragon hybrid. Yuan used this new body to begin committing crimes, but was stopped by Iron Man. Fin Fang Foom then assumed control of Yuan's body, merging with hundreds of vermin transformed into lizards, ultimately becoming the 150 foot Fin Fang Foom in form and power.

Fin Fang Foom began fighting two battles: one against Iron Man and the other against Yuan whose mind wrestled for control over the dragon's body. Unknown to Iron Man, Yuan defeated the dragon by seizing control of its body long enough to hold for Iron Man's final blow. Yuan's consciousness died, and the dragon was rendered unconscious. Iron Man helped remand the dragon into custody of the U.S. Navy, only to find that the Navy subcontracted the job for holding the dragon to Sunset Bain, a.k.a. Iron Man's enemy Madame Menace.

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